Black Tea Archive

  • Darjeeling


    Darjeeling Tea one of the three world’s top tea, called as “Champagne of Tea”.

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  • Assam


    One large leaf varieties of two major species of Assam tea, with a solid feature richness.

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  • Dooard


    The black tea is grown between Darjeeling and Assam in north Indian.

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  • Nilgiri


    The populated black tea which taste similar to black tea in Sri Lanka

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  • Uva


    The tea produced in Sri Lanka. It is one of the top three well know black tea in the world. It is a famous variety of the plateau black tea.

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  • Dimbula


    The tea has rose aroma but no bitter taste. It is high grade black tea.

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  • Nuwara Eliya

    Nuwara Eliya

    The black tea produced in Nuwara Eliya where also known as “Small Britain” It is the representative of black tea produced in Sri Lanka.

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  • Ruhuna


    The black tea is similar with the representative of Chinese black tea [Qi Men Black Tea] which has a hint of smoky flavor.

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  • Kandy


    The birthplace of Ceylon tea, it tasted soft and smooth.

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  • Sylhet


    The black tea is well populated in European collectors.

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